Monday, December 28, 2009

Madisyn O'Brien - Dec. 28

Hi all!

After two long weeks of late nights and early mornings camped out in libraries and study rooms, I can finally say that I have completed my first semester of college finals! The stress and lack of sleep is quickly being replaced with excitement and shopping for the holidays. Break is only a few days away and I can’t wait to go home to a home cooked meal, free laundry, and my new puppy!

Over break, the freshmen are living with upper classmen since the dorms close for the holiday. Even though I won’t have my own room, I’m excited to live off campus and bond with everyone. We’ve already planned to have weekly pot-lucks with different themed cuisines. Between that and all the other activities the team has planned (ie. Holiday party, secret Santa, and an Iron Chef competition to name a few), this break is bound to be exciting and filled with fun.

With season just around the corner, December brings more than just the holidays. Despite the hectic finals schedule, the team has found time to squeeze in some last practices before our intrasquad. Routines are coming along quickly and the team cant wait for the hard work in preseason to pay off with a great, competitive year.

Our first meet is January 17th and we’d love to see all the CAL fans out there supporting the team. Until then, Happy Holidays and, of course, GO BEARS!

*Maddy *

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  1. Hey MADDY, have a great season and a great experience at CAL. We'll be rooting for you!-The Devencenzis