Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nikki Lew - Feb. 10

Hi Everyone!
       First semester is finally over, and we have already begun second semester. Time is flying by. As a freshman this year, I definitely had struggles and have overcome most of them.  When I first arrived on campus, I was completely helpless. Up until then, my parents had done everything for me: cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, making appointments, talking to teachers and counselors, etc. All I had to focus on were my grades and gymnastics. My parents even helped move my belongings into the dorm room for me!  But I have grown.  I am learning to be more responsible and take care of my own problems.  My organizational and time management skills have greatly improved. Adjusting to college life has been easier than I had anticipated since I had help and guidance from my team-mates, coaches, friends, and counselors.  They stood by me and encouraged me throughout practices, midterms, and finals.
       After being on Winter Break for over a month, this has been our first week back at Cal. to begin the second semester of classes. It’s been a little difficult getting re-adjusted back to the "study mode." The rain has not helped much either. However, my friends have all returned and the campus is “alive” again. The classes which I have chosen this semester are difficult, but interesting.  With one semester completed, I now have some idea of what to expect. Plus, SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!! It’s been so exciting competing and performing our routines. We have been training intensely in the gym almost everyday since the end of August- perfecting our skills and routines.  With our large incoming freshman class, our team is not only younger, but stronger, and more confident. It is our time to shine! So come on out and watch our meets!

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  1. Nikki, Thanks for posting a new blog! I am glad to hear you are adjusting to the Gymnast/Student Lifesyle at Cal and becoming a stronger individual because of it. You have been an absolute joy to watch at all the meets and I look forward to seeing your continued improvement over the years.
    From a fan who sits with your parents.