Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shana Johnson - Oct. 22

Hi Everyone!!
The past few weeks have been extremely stressful and hectic. With the combination of gymnastics and midterms and other schoolwork it seems as though you always have some type of work to do. So when the weekend comes there is always a load of stress taken off your back. There is never a dull moment when living in Berkeley. Whether there is a street fair to attend on Telegraph, a cultural event put on by a club, or just hanging out with friends there will always be something to do. Although, having something to do is fun and exciting it’s always nice to change up your atmosphere from time to time.
So this past weekend I went home to spend some quality time with my family. Even though I don’t live that far from Berkeley it felt like a whole different world. It had been a long time since I’ve been able to go home. I had a great time simply relaxing and essentially doing nothing but talking and laughing with my family and doing other family activities. I got to watch the football team beat UCLA. Go Bears!! And also catch up on some of my favorite shows that I hadn’t had time to watch. It feels so good going back to a familiar place when you haven’t been there in awhile and it being the same as if you had never left. It was great while it lasted, but now its time to get back into my usual busy schedule. This weekend has helped me learn that goin! g home every once in awhile is good for your mind, body and spirit. I feel rejuvenated and ready for what the upcoming week has in store for me. Goodbye until next time!
Oh and of course …Go BEARS!!!
~ Shana J.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sophia Hocini- Oct. 21

Hey Everyone!
So I’m glad to say I think I’m finally back in the swing of things here in Berkeley, and so is the rest of the Cal gymnastics team.  The first few weeks of school are always a transition for everyone on the team, and with eight freshmen this year we have a lot of fresh faces around the gym.  All of the freshmen have done a great job blending in with the rest of the team, and its been great to see all the new talent and depth they are contributing.  A few weeks ago we had our team retreat where we participated in team activities and set out our goals for the upcoming season.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to bond and get to know! each other better so that we can unify the team as we embark on our goals. 
Since the beginning of school, our team has been busy with multiple community service activities outside the gym.  Aside from face painting before every home football game, we recently partook in an outreach day known as College Sports Day, where our team, along with a number of other Cal athletic teams, assisted in teaching about 300 elementary school kids what our sports are all about.  We taught the kids basic gymnastics skills like handstands, cartwheels, rolls, and somersaults.  It was awesome seeing how much the kids enjoyed doing gymnastics; it definitely brought me back to my younger days when I was first starting out. 
 In the gym we’ve been continuing to practice hard and condition hard because time is ticking along and season is already starting to creep up!  Though we’re still in the early part of pre-season, we know there is a lot of work to be done in order to achieve our goals this season and to represent our school as best as we can.  So on that note, and as always, GO BEARS!