Friday, November 13, 2009

Carol Chang- Nov. 13

Hi All!
I can’t believe it’s already November! It’s been a couple of months into the school year, and me along with all of the freshmen have been transitioning pretty well. I think it’s safe to say that Berkeley finally feels like home!
Last weekend was Halloween and we had game day at the gym! We split into three groups and had contests such as wearing the football uniform the fastest, making mummies out of toilet paper, and a scavenger hunt. After practice, the team decided to make caramel apples together for a little fun and a tasty treat. Each person brought a different item, either apples, caramel, or some type of topping. It was really fun with everyone working together. Some of the girls were melting caramel, some crushing toppings, and some piercing the apples. Everyone got to make their own caramel apple, and it was funny to see the different looks and combinations people came up with. Despite the unappealing looks of some of the apples, they were delicious!
In the gym we’ve started to do half and full routines on a few of the events. Everyone seems to be handling the assignments well and have been working extremely hard to make each turn count. Although pre-season is just starting out, everyone already looks confident in the skills they are doing.
We recently added TiVo into our workouts with multiple video cameras and TV’s throughout the gym. It is great to be able to watch yourself after a turn to see what you’ve done better that turn and also how you can improve. With the help of our coaches and the support of our teammates we’ll all continue to work hard in the gym to have a successful season! Go bears!

Leah Redon - Nov. 6

Hi Everyone!
So we’re getting further into the pre-season every day and there has been a lot going on. The sophomore class on our team as well as other second-year athletes recently attended an event sponsored by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee instructing us on proper etiquette in formal business situations. We learned the basics of proper etiquette in both business and social situations. The dinner included a four-course meal in which we learned about the correct placement and use of utensils. We also learned the differences between U.S. and continental behavior.
In the gym we started half and full routines on beam and bars. We have also increased the difficulty of our circuit in weight training. This is the point in the season where we are starting to step it up. We are trying to maintain our health so that we can continue to progress until season starts. Our team is looking really good right now, and I am excited to see where our hard work will take us this season.
Go Bears!