Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. 16 - Ankita Shah

Hey Everyone!! 
      Winter break is unfortunately over, but I’m excited for the start of a new semester and an amazing season! This new team has made so much progress and I’m excited to see everyone competing and bring up the team confidence. The first meet was a great showing of what is to come from the team. We really proved to everyone that we are moving in a new direction and can compete with some of the higher ranked teams. It really amazes me how after all the hard practices and conditioning days this team has pushed through and showed a limitless potential.  
      For me, the first semester was a little tough getting used to the new environment and learning to balance gym and school. It was definitely a learning process, but I go into the new semester with a more positive outlook, and I now expect more out of myself. Not being able to compete this season due to injury impacted me the most last semester. I was constantly thinking about what could have been rather than focusing on what I have accomplished. After many talks with my parents, and teammates I have learned to look at this as a positive rather than negative. Yes, I don’t get to compete, but in life there are always setbacks. My current goal is to work extremely hard in rehab, and become a stronger gymnast than before. I just can’t wait for when I can represent these BEARS!  
Come and Support!!!

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