Friday, December 4, 2009

Stina Olivere - Dec. 4

Hey everyone!

These past couple weeks have been a roller coaster. My first day on campus I went to the doctor's office expecting to be cleared and ready to train. However, they told me I needed surgery. I let a few tears out, but then moved on and looked at the situation in a positive way: I was going to take it as an opportunity to get stronger than I was before, and focus on conditioning and come back with a renewed enthusiasm. Each day went by fast and before I knew it I was stitches free, off crutches, out of the boot, and running again (which I love to do). I am proud to say that I am currently running on the Alter G during my rehabilitation at 80% of my body weight! It just goes to show you there is absolutely no need to freak out when you get injured and focus on the negative, because you can and should come back even better than you were before. All it takes is a little patience and focus. Injuries don't build character, they reveal it. I couldn't get through any of it without my teammates so don't be ashamed of letting them help you out. And most importantly don't forget to LAUGH! A day without laughter is pointless, so don't let being injured stay in the way of your ability to laugh at yourself!

This weekend was hectic! I hosted a recruit on Gameday and I am so happy that she got to see an exciting game and of course a win! Before, a couple of the girls and I worked in "Fun Zone" where we painted kid's faces, and oddly enough some adults. I always enjoy it, but I cannot say that my Oski Bear comes out looking like the right animal. The score was so close throughout the entire game, and I don't know about everyone else, but my voice was out the next day from screaming at the top of my lungs, "ROLL ON YOU BEARS!" The game ended with the Golden Bears beating the Wildcats 24-16, and we all rushed the field for the first time. Most of the Cal gymnasts sit in the stands together in during the game, and we definitely have fun goofing around and cheering on our fellow athletes.

In the gym we are working very hard. We are getting down to business with routines, building up endurance, and perfecting details. In the weight room we are upping weights, and our routines on floor are getting easier and easier as our cardio is building up our endurance. I see some amazing things going on, and I really feel we are going to surprise everyone this season with our immense amount of talent. Hey it's not bragging when we back it up right?!


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