Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mariesah Pierce - Nov. 30

Hello everyone,
Wow, freshman year has definitely been a new experience. Living away from home, a new team, and a new environment can certainly be overwhelming but the Cal gymnastics team has made my transition into Berkeley much easier.
The girls on the team are very energetic and caring which makes gym not only fun but also a great motivator to work hard. With being on the gymnastics team here at Cal it has taught me many aspects that can be used in everyday life. What I noticed most about being here is that I have become better at managing time. Balancing gym and academics can be challenging, especially during midterms, but I guess that’s all part of being a student athlete. All the resources, like tutoring and academic advisers, at Cal have helped me a lot on staying on top of my academics and athletics.
I also had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Bridge Program which had a huge impact on my transition into Cal. It helped prepare me for the following years ahead. Throughout the summer and the semester I have made so many friends. This is great because not only is it nice to just hangout with them, but also to study with. Many of my friends are taking the same classes, so getting study groups together are very helpful.
Being here at Cal has been a blast. My team has made my experience here is so much fun. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to be part of this team and school.  
Mariesah Pierce

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