Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Erica Varon - Dec. 14

Hey Everyone!
      This week has been pretty hectic. School has been jam-packed with work as finals are coming up in a couple of weeks and gym is getting more intense every day. We’ve been starting pressure sets and it’s been getting everyone into the team atmosphere with everyone cheering like it’s a meet. Everyone is starting to look great as the routines are coming together and we’re refining every little detail. The weekend was extremely exciting.
      It was also Big Game weekend and the whole school was ready to beat Stanford yet again. A couple of us were lucky enough to get tickets to the game so we decided to make a day of it and go to Stanford bright and early.  We first went to watch the Big Splash, the water polo match also against Stanford.  It was a really close game and there were so many fans, but unfortunately we ended up losing.  We were just hoping for a big win in football to make up for it. A lot of people were starting to doubt that we would win after Stanford had just beaten USC last weekend. I knew we could win. But I also started to have my doubts in the beginning of the game when we were down 14-0.   Then, we started to make an amazing comeback.  The game was close the entire time and finally we had the lead.  When there were only about 2 minutes left Stanford was extremely c! lose to a touchdown (and winning the game) and everyone was so nervous but we got an interception and everyone went crazy!!! We all started running downstairs and rushed the field when the game was over. It was THE best Big Game I have seen (apart from the 1982 game). 
      On Sunday, a couple of us decided to have The Best Thanksgiving Dinner That’s Not on Thanksgiving.  We all made something to bring and it turned out amazing.  The turkey was delicious and the desserts were amazing. My roommate (Leah) and I made scalloped potatoes and pumpkin cream cheese brownies and they turned out great.  The potatoes started to overflow a little in the oven and every single smoke detector in our apartment went off but they still turned out great.
      This week will be more relaxed once we get to go home for Thanksgiving and see our families (and enjoy the 80 degree weather at the beach)!  

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